Traveling with your own car is easiers and more comfortable, vutit could be frustrating sometimes if you experience some hunches in the way. However, if you have this tools with you, it will be easier for you to overcome such frustrations.

Traffic Triangle (C-Caution)
Traffic Triangle (C-Caution) is a reflective triangle used as road safety kit. It enables an incoming driver to know a car is parked along the road and undergoing repairs especially at night when the vision is impaired. 
Thus a Traffic Triangle can save your life when you are parked on the highway repairing your vehicle.
Spare Tyre
Not knowing what the future holds, it then becomes very essential your spare tyre is available and in good condition. This is because you might experience a flat tyre or it may get punctured along the road without warning. It will be time-saving and safer for you if you have your spare tyre with you. 
Also your jack, wheel spanner and all the tools needed to change your tyre should be available and functional.
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher will not just save you from fire incidents but will as well save cost for you. Your fire extinguisher should be placed where your arms could easily reach it in a case of fire incident.
First Aid Box
A First Aid Kit is a collection of supplies and equipment that is used to give medical treatment. A well equipped First Aid Box could be used for an immediate treatment in the case of accident and reduce bleeding till medical experts arrive the scene and the victims conveyed to the hospital.
Jumper Cables
Jumper Cables is a pair of thick electric cables fitted with clips at either end, used for starting a vehicle by connecting its dead battery to the battery of another vehicle.

When your car refuses to start due to discharged battery cell. It can be used to transfer charges from your own car to another car battery or from another car to yours.
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