The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has rejected plans by the Nigerian Customs Service to impound old vehicles without custom duties.
Men of the Nigerian Customs Service on parade.
The President of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) Mr Ayuba Wabba, on Sunday rejected the plan by the Nigerian Customs in Abuja.
Mr Wabba in a letter to the Controller General of the Nigerian Customs, Hameed Ali said the decision to impound used vehicles without import duty is unrealistic adding that it is morally wrong to impose such policy on innocent vehicle users.
He said the decision of the Nigerian Customs will create chaos and suffering for the innocent end users of the vehicle.
He further stated that the policy will rather enrich some top personnel of the Nigerian Customs.
Mr Wabba added; “It is self-serving and will, in the end, enrich unscrupulous Customs personnel who contributed, in no small measure, to the present situation through act of commission or omission and will amount to rewarding their complicity.
It is common knowledge that duties on imported vehicles are payable at the points of entry.
Subjecting end-users of vehicles to this kind of trauma, most of who have no hand in the importation of their vehicles, is unfair and unacceptable.
There is no information on the vehicles to be excluded from this exercise.
This presupposes that the owner of a Morris Minor or a Peugeot 404 brought into this country in the 70’s is similarly affected.’’
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