Ford has revealed it is not a good idea to hand over flying cars to regular car drivers on the basis that they suck at driving.
Flying car. Image credit: Daily Mail.
Ford Chairman William Clay “Bill” Ford Jr., speaking at a conference during the South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas said he has interest in the flying cars but didn’t think it will be a good idea if you hand joystick over to regular drivers.
Bill Ford said people are so reckless in driving that he prefers people don’t drive at all rather than to fly their own cars.
He said Ford will invest in autonomous cars rather than flying cars noting that it will be safer.
Bill said; “we’re not, but it’s not so crazy. Although I would say they had better be autonomous. Most people can’t drive two dimensions, let alone three.
There are entrepreneurs who are working on flying vehicles. I haven’t been in one, but seen a test of one. And they are technically going to be very possible.
But go back to automation. Think about today, planes, which you to take off and land at the airport, which eliminates 99% of their usefulness. You have to be a licensed pilot. Well, how many of those are there?
“But in time, regulations change and these things start to become more interesting. So I wouldn’t say never for us, but not in the short term for us.”
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