Facebook founder and worlds sixth richest man Mark Zukerburg has taken time off to go racing at NASCAR Racing.
Mark inside inside the ccockpit. Image credit: Facebook.
According to reports, the billionaire went racing on Monday with Dale Earnhardt Jr, an American professional stock car racing driver and champion team owner.
Mark Zukerberg in his facebook post revealed he had learnt a lot from the American racer at NASCAR Racing.
Zukerberg said; “Thanks to NASCAR, Hendrick Motorsports, Dale Earnhardt Jr. for hosting me at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina.
“I learned a lot about the engineering that goes into these cars. Each engine is designed to run at 9,000 RPMs for 700 miles in a single race, and then it’s done. It gets up to 140 degrees in the cockpit of the cars, and drivers are in there for up to five hours in a race. They drive an average close to 200mph during these races. That’s a bit faster than I go in my GTI.”
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