Honda recently launched the Honda WR-V compact SUV and Ford auto industry on the other hand launched the Ford EcoSports. Though two vehicles are similar there are slight differences in the the cars even though it was manufactured by two different auto industries.
Image credit: Car Blog India.
The Honda WR-V has a 1.2 litre for the petrol and 1.5 litre diesel while Ford Ecosports has an additional Eco boost of 1.5 litre as well as the petrol and diesel.
The WR-V is more like a Jazz Crossover design with a high bonnet line and bulbous headlamps to give it that rugged look. while the Ecosports was designed to look more like a sporty design with a bold grille and sleek headlamps.
Both are 4WD vehicles that have a 40 litre fuel tank storage.

Other features include; 98 BHP, 89 BHP;  power for the WR-V and 124BHP, 110BHP, 100BHP for EcoSport. The torque of WR-V is 110Nm; 200Nm while 170Nm, 140 Nm 205 Nm for the Ecosports. WR-V has a milage of 17.5 KMPL; 25.5 KMPL while Ecosports has a milage of 18.9 KMPL; 16 KMPL; 22.7 KMPL
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