Residents of Victory Park Estate located behind Femi Okunu Estate, Jakande Roundabout, Lekki, Lagos are having a showdown right now with their former facilities managers.
Residents demonstrating and blocking access with their cars.

According to our reporter on the ground, one of the aggrieved residents told him; “We sacked our service managers last week and now they want to move our generators without letting us know.
The generators being loaded on a trailer.
We notified them (about their sack) through our lawyers a week ago and now they want to frustrate us by taking the generators claiming it belongs to them.
They claim they want to relocate them elsewhere in the estate but we are worried that if we let them we may not get them back. Besides they did not duely inform us of this action hence we are stopping the workers
For well over 6 years we have been bullied and extorted e.g. electricity bill can run up to 260k a month. They have failed in several services hence we are disengaged their services.”
The police have arrived to enforce the return of the generators
The police is in agreement with us that they must negotiate with us before they carry out further action which must be in agreement by all stakeholders.
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  1. We are tired of this extortion, the awosedos are thieves nd this must end. Service charge ws billed this year at 950k. This is not banana island or old ikoyi we arr in behind femi okunnu ooooo. Today na today we no go gree

  2. Grant Estate Managers are the most irresponsible people around. They do not understand anything about Estate management, except to cheat and extort residents. The end has come for them.

  3. We have been robbed by Grant Properties and Grant Estate Services Limited for years. We pay an exorbiant amount of N145.00 per kilowatt and an average power bill of N250,000.00 per month. The sevice charge was billed at N950,000.00 for 2017. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH THE AWOSEDOS MUST GO!!!


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