It’s no news that auto manufacturers make awesome profits in luxury cars. However, sports cars are not left out in the huge profit.
A Porsche. Image credit: Autoweek.
Porsche seems not to be left behind in the quest. According to Blomberg, Porsche is said to be making approximately $17,250 for every car sold last year depending on exchange rate.
The implication of the $17,250 profit is a 9 percent improvement over 2015.
The German automaker delivered just 238,000 cars in 2016 amounting to a 3.9 billion Euros ($4.1 billion) profit which itself represents a 14 percent improvement over the preceding year.
The delivery of Porsche is on a small scale when compared to Volkswagen which made a delivery of 10.3 million cars last year.
However bloomberg reports that Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler AG and BMW both made around $5,000 per vehicle.
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