Dozens of auto industries are recently testing their autonomous cars and getting ready to take over the world with their innovations.
However a team of world class research engineers have adopted a cheaper method of making cars drive themselves.
Professor X. Image credit: Business Insider.
Instead of using spinning lidar sensor on the roof, radar tucked behind the body panels, ultra-accurate GPS unit or any of the standard self driving programs, AutoX used a $50 webcam modified into Lincoln MKZ to drive the car through San Jose.
According to Jianxiong Xiao, popularly known as professor X, said just as the mission of his company is to democratize self driving cars and make it affordable for everyone. He said the company had researched and adopted the use of $50 cameras to make cars autonomous.
Hence the Best Buy run. AutoX slapped seven cheap cameras around the exterior of the car, pointing in different directions for a 360-degree view. Instead of Differential GPS, which gives a location accurate to a few inches, the engineering team just grabs the signal from the car’s navigation system, accurate to more like 50 feet.
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