California on Friday defied President Trump and approved the new car pollution regulation which the White House said is still under review.
Image credit: Motoring Assist.
According to reports, the California Air Resource Board unanimously voted 2022-2025 vehicle pollution rules set a mandate for zero emission car sales in the state.
The California government led by Governor Jerry Brown urged the staff to work on the target for after 2025. He further vowed to lead the defense of environmental and other traditionally liberal causes against President Donald Trump.
Last week the United States Environmental Protection Agency said it will reconsider 2022-2025 zero emission target after auto industries demanded a review.
John Buzzella, President and Chief executive officer of Global Auto Industry reacting to the new policy said; “We are disappointed that California has chosen to refuse our good-faith offer to work together with all relevant stakeholders on this important matter,”
U.S. and California regulators last year projected that stricter pollution controls will add about $1,000 to the cost of each car sold in 2025, with mileage rising from 38.3 miles per gallon in model year 2021 to 46.3 in 2025.
However, automakers say they did not get enough time to review the study.
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