Following an accident involving a Volvo Uber Self-Driving car and a Honda CR-V, the question has been who was at fault? The Uber self driving car or the Honda CR-V driver.
Image courtesy of AZ Central.
The San Francisco police department has released a detailed report of the Uber autonomous car crash in Tempe San Francisco.
According to the police statement, the Uber Self driving car was not at fault. The San Francisco police said; “The driver of a Honda CRV made a left turn Friday night in Tempe even though she could only see two of the three lanes of approaching traffic clearly. In the third lane was a self-driving Volvo run by Uber, which the Honda struck as it entered the intersection, according to a Tempe police report.”
The accident prompted Uber to suspend testing of self driving cars in San Francisco and Pittsburgh. 
However following a police report on the investigation into the crash Uber commenced operation in San Francisco and Pittsburgh.
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