Nigerian former beauty queen and entrepreneur Dabota Lawson has advised women on having sex.
The former beauty queen who wrote on her Instagram page advised women to pretend their vagina is worth millions adding that shouldn’t be given out just like that.
Dabota Lawson. Image credit: Naij.

She said men value what they worked for and will appreciate a lady who rejected them and put them up to a challenge.
Dabota Lawson wrote: “Ladies learn to pretend and believe in your mind that your v*gina is worth something of VALUE. Pretend it is 153 billion Naira. Will you just give a man 153 billion for free or be displaying it anyhow?”
“The woman they want is the one who rejects them. They want the girl that is a challenge and doesn’t give it up easily. That girl makes him wait for it, work for it and chase after it.”
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