There are lots of car makers all over the world. These companies have different names which are mostly gotten from their local dialects/pronunciations.

But with global trade and export needs, most of the products of these countries find their way abroad to other countries, chief among them, our dear Nigeria but not with the correct pronunciation of these names.
Image result for different logos of car companies
Car companies logos. Image credit: Car Companies Hub.

It is common place for people to always mispronounce the names of these car makers……sometimes due to no fault of theirs other than having not interacted with a local from the origin country of the car maker who will show the proper way of pronouncing the names of the car makers.
A Spanish media outlet… decided to help the world by interviewing representatives from the countries of origin of many car companies to show the proper ways of pronouncing these names. 
It’s fun watching and realizing the mistakes most of us have been making.
Enjoy the video….

                                                                 Video credit: Youtube
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