Diesel car drivers are protesting the latest policy on diesel cars in London, termed to be an ultra low emission zone.
According to reports, UK has introduced a fine of an extra pay £12.50 to drive into central London if you drive petrol vehicles that do not meet Euro 4 standards and diesel vehicles that do not meet Euro 6 standards.
Image credit: Nature.
Mike Barker from Wokingham, who said he used his car to visit his daughter in London said the policy was like government turning their back on them after telling them to buy diesel cars.
He further said he is being penalized because the resale value of his car will be reduced.
Robin Seccombe said he is confused on whether to buy a diesel powered car but the confusion of being penalized keeps drawing him back.
Chris lives in Wandsworth, London, and says the car industry is as much to blame as the government. 
He said he recently bought a new Volkswagen diesel powered engine after the government said it was preferable.
He accused the government of using those statement to boost sales of the cars.
The government said similar policy will follow in other states soon.
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