Jennifer Camacho, Chicago resident has sued Uber cars after she was assaulted by one of the passengers in Uber taxi.
Image credit: The Bubble.

According to reports, Camacho was attacked by another passenger aboard Uber pool. A service that lets strangers share a car to reduce the cost of a trip.
However, Uber reacting the incident said said it didn’t involve the company as it was not an accident but rather an assault by another passenger thus Uber shouldn’t be compensating the victim.
According to BBC, Camacho had ordered a shared vehicle in January after a night out celebrating with friends.
But as she climbed into the back of the car, another passenger who was already in the front seat slashed her face with a three-inch blade, according to her lawyer Bryant Greening.
Ms Camacho had to fight off her attacker, a 34-year-old woman, until the police arrived.
Uber further reiterated that they are working hard to ensure the safety of any passenger that boards the taxi.
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