Madrid, Spain in bid to control air pollution are gradually drifting from diesel powered cars to electric cars.
Image credit: Nature.
According to Mayor Manuela Carmena, in three years time only public buses, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians will be allowed, which means that all diesel powered cars will be banned from Gran Via.
María Villallega, 48, a  Madrid resident who spoke on the policy said she is delighted with the new policy. Maria said; “I don’t own a car myself, and I’ll be happy when they’re not allowed here anymore. We need to protect the planet, and ourselves.”
“The pollution hurts my eyes, and I can feel it in my throat,” Maria said.
The quest to eliminate diesel powered vehicles came to be after it was discovered that despite the fact that they emit lass carbon when compared to fuel, it emits Nitrogen oxide and soot, which is more toxic than the carbon from fuel.
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