One of the leading researchers on autonomous cars Uber has admitted that Waymu, Google self driving car is better than theirs.
Uber admitted this after Waymu filed a suit against Uber accusing them of stealing self driving secret from Waymu, Google’s self driving car.
Image credit: Peppergang.
Waymo filed the explosive lawsuit in late February, claiming that Anthony Levandowski, a former Google engineer and current top executive at Uber, had stolen 14,000 confidential documents before leaving Google.
Uber, reacting to suit said it was a misfire as they don’t have evidence that they stole 14000 of their files, that Waymo’s assumptions about its self-driving technology are flat out wrong.
“Waymo’s injunction motion is a misfire: there is no evidence that any of the 14,000 files in question ever touched Uber’s servers, and Waymo’s assertion that our multi-lens LIDAR is the same as their single-lens LIDAR is clearly false,” said Angella Padilla, general counsel to Uber, in a statement.
“If Waymo genuinely thought that Uber was using its secrets, it would not have waited more than five months to seek an injunction.
Waymo doesn’t meet the high bar for an injunction, which would stifle our independent innovation probably Waymo’s goal in the first place.”
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