Few days ago Naijacarlovers highlighted the FRSC recommended safety gadgets if you intend to hit the road. However, despite having those safety gadgets, Road Marshals will penalize you if you don’t have any of the documents listed below.
Image credit: Naija Gist.
Driver’s License
Driver’s license is a mode of identification which indicates the bearer has undergone extensive driving lessons. It contains the bearer’s biodata like name, date of birth, gender, blood group and so many other information.
Vehicle License
This is also refered to as vehicle registration certificate. It is normally issued by the licensing office. It legally permits drivers to drive their cars on the road. Vehicle license is valid for one year.
Insurance License
This shows that the owner of the vehicle had insured the car he is driving. In actual sense insurance license cannot be issued without your drivers license. It contains details such as name of owner, amount paid for the insurance among other things.
Certificate of Road Worthiness
Certificate of Road Worthiness is a certificate which shows the driver has met with the requirements suiting his/ her type of vehicle. Certificate of Road Worthiness contains type of vehicle, weight of car, engine number among other details.
Proof of Ownership
Proof of ownership indicates that you are the legal owner of the car you are driving. Proof of ownership contains your name, the amount paid for the car, type of car, date of purchase as well as other details.
Learner’s Permit
Learner’s permit is just a replica of driver’s license just that it is used by someone who is still learning how to drive. A driver in possession of a learners permit should have an instructor with him/her when ever he/she is driving.
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