Workers at Tesla are threatening to go on strike over unpaid salaries and wages the Wall Street Journal reported.

According to report, the workers who have been working zealously to see that Tesla’s targets are met were paid 30% below their normal wages since a German Engineering Company bought the company in November.
IG Metall, Germany’s industrial trade union said the union will decided later today on whether to engage on a strike to demand an increment in the workers wages.
“We continue to work directly with Tesla Grohmann employees and are prepared in the event there is an action initiated by the union,” a Tesla spokesperson wrote in a statement to Business Insider. “We don’t anticipate any impact on the Model 3 timeline.”
In the past, Tesla has experienced severe manufacturing issues, most notably with the Model X that suffered three years of delays. (The Model S also faced delays and was delivered in mid-2011 instead of 2010.)
However, the auto industry was able to meet target in the first quarter of 2017. Tesla further promised to meet later targets this year as they have kicked off production.
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