One of the leading auto industries in the world Volkswagen has revealed its plans to flood China with electric cars in 2018.
According to reports Volkswagen Europe revealed this on Tuesday in Shanghai at the eve of Shanghai Auto Show.

Jochem Heizmann, the Head of Operations Volkswagen China, said the electric car will be produced with another brand name as Volkswagen have already partnered with state-owned Jianghuai Automotive Corp to see that the 2018 goal is met.
Heizmann said; “This will be a new cooperation on pure battery cars,” said Heizmann. “Our challenging target is to come, already next year in 2018, to the market with the first car.”
Heizmann said VW, which vies with GM for the title of China’s top-selling automaker, expects annual sales of at least 400,000 “new energy vehicles” — the government’s term for electric or gasoline-electric hybrids — by 2020 and 1.5 million by 2025.
“The plan to create a new brand for the VW-Jianghuai partnership follows an approach taken by Mercedes-Benz, GM and Nissan Motor Co. Foreign brands are under pressure from Chinese regulators to help local partners create indigenous brands.”
China has been proven to be the most aggressive towards phasing out diesel powered cars. Other auto industries like Ford and General Motors said they will be flooding China with electric cars this year.
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