Ford has revealed its plans to manufacture cars with better fuel consumption efficiency by 2025.
According to Ford CEO in United States Mark Fields, the auto industry intends to produce a car that will cover a distance of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.

Mr Fields said despite the company telling the Trump’s administration to revisit the emission standards, the company still intends to meet the standard they set by 2025.
Fields said Ford pushed the Trump administration to reinstate the midterm review because implementing these standards should be a data-driven process where things like consumer demand and the state of the technology are taken into account.
“I will just reiterate, that because we have asked for the reinstatement of the midterm review, which was the agreement when we agreed to the fuel economy requirements back in 2011, that doesn’t change our approach to sustainability. The goals are still the same and our commitment is still the same. We just want to make sure it’s aligned with market realities,” Fields said.
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