Former Big Brother Naija housemate have opened up on what transpired between him and Tboss the night he was accused of sexually harassing Tboss.
Kemen speaking to Sunday Scoop said Tboss always slept with three quarter short and singlet which she used as her night wear.
L-R: TBoss and Kemen. Image credit: Stargist.
He added that he never harassed Tboss but rather wanted to cuddle her as he used to.
The fitness entrepreneur said Tboss had the highest bottle of alcohol in her cupboard as she barely drank alcohol. He added that he doubts if Tboss was drunk or fast asleep that night.
In his words Kemen said; “ I believe that Nigerians are very brilliant people and I’ve decided to care less about what is said on social media . The truth lies with me and Tboss. I want Nigerians to realize that the organisers know more than they do.
We are in a country where people have the freedom to express themselves and we ’re all entitled to our opinions . Some people might see something as right while some other people might view the same thing as wrong, so it has been a battle of words.
“ On that night , I slept before Tboss and I used the duvet that was on the bed to cover myself. When Tboss came to bed , she used the other duvet. When I wanted to go back to sleep, I attempted to cuddle her. In the course of doing that, I had to lift the duvet that was between us.
My hand movement that was seen on camera was me trying to make way through the duvet and get close to her. She woke up immediately I wrapped my hands around her; opened the duvet and adjusted her body so she could move closer to me. And that was where the video stopped.
Tboss always slept in a three -quarter short and a spaghetti top which she used as a nightgown . She is not a deep sleeper. She also has the highest stack of alcohol in her cupboard because she rarely drinks.
On the night of the incident, I was not drunk, and I don ’t think she was too, even though I cannot speak for her.”
However , I have chosen to move on from all that and focus on the positive gains of the game . I have put everything that happened behind me.”
Recall Kemen was disqualified from the Big Brother Naija House for sexually harassing Tboss while she was sleeping.
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