Tesla Autos has fired Klaus Grohmann after clashing with Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk over the strategy of Grohmann’s firm.
Elon Musk. Image credit: First Post.

Grohmann speaking to newsmen in a telephone call said he didn’t leave the company because he was tired of working but however refused to elaborate more on why he left Tesla.
Tesla last November acquired Grohmann’s firm but however accepted that Klaus Grohmann can still stick around in the company.
However, continuous clash between Klaus Grohmann and Elon Musk has kicked Grohmann out of the company.
According to reports, Grohmann disagreed with Musk’s demands to focus management’s attention on Tesla projects to the detriment of Grohmann Engineering’s legacy clients, which included Tesla’s direct German-based rivals Daimler and BMW.
On the other hand Grohmann was said to have always disagreed with Musk on how to treat workers especially that of Grohmann’s company.
The management layer below Klaus Grohmann is continuing his work, they told Reuters. But they said parts of the workforce felt insecure about becoming so dependent on one client after the founder’s departure.
Last year, Tesla had said: “Under the continued leadership of Mr Grohmann, several critical elements of Tesla’s automated manufacturing systems will be designed and produced in Pruem, to help make our factories the most advanced in the world.”
“Our factories are so important that we believe they will ultimately deserve an order of magnitude more attention in engineering than what they produce. At very high production volumes, the factory becomes more of a product than the product itself,” Tesla said at the time.

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