Auto industries working on autonomous cars have called on California government to make some changes in the state on testing self-driving cars.

According to reports, Apple inc in a letter proposed that California toughens its policies saying that the move results in more public data. The company further stated that the policy will enable them catch up with rival companies.
Apple wants those rules to extend to humans stepping in to prevent even minor traffic violations. 
Apple contends the reporting rules as written leave too much wiggle room for car makers and “caused public confusion and misunderstanding,” wrote Steve Kenner, Apple’s director of product integrity.
Apple also asked regulators to revisit language around the definition of an autonomous vehicle to clarify that permits are required in advanced systems even when a safety driver is present.
The exact wording around when permits are needed became a sticking point between Uber and state officials last year when the California Department of Motor Vehicles ordered Uber to cease its self-driving tests in San Francisco.
Apple further stated their willingness to work with California to see that the new policies work out.
On the other hand Waymo, the self-driving car unit of Google parent company Alphabet Inc, Ford Motor Co, Uber Technologies Inc, Toyota Motor Corp,Tesla Motors Inc and others also filed comments suggesting changes.
However, reacting to the request, California said they had to review the comments from the auto industries before making any changes in the self driving car policy.
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