KIA Motors have launched the first ever car hybrid designed by the company, KIA Niro.
KIA Niro looked so astonishing that it could be compared with Toyota Prius. However, you will be impressed at what the Korean company was able to achieve in KIA Niro.
KIA Niro. Image credit: KIA.
The interior of Niro looked like an upgraded version of Prius having overall good visibility, decent materials and ergonomic dashboard layout.
KIA Niro is endowed with a three fuel economy rating having one of three different EPA labels depending on the trim level.
Niro has a single electric motor/generator attached to the input shaft of the six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.
Niro cut into its off-road street credibility due to the fact that it has taller hatchback than anything else. However, it means you will enjoy the way it drives on the road.
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