Toyin Abraham(Aimakhu) has trashed her colleagues for encouraging fake British accent in most of their movies.
The actress cum film maker said Nigerian producers should emphasize more on promoting Nigerian cultures and indigenous languages rather than trying to impress by forming fake British accent.
Toyin. Image credit: Ng Trends.
Speaking to Planetradio Toyin added that original Nigerian accent is appreciated more abroad than the fake British accent.
She said; “we want to watch stories, we want to hear stories about us, don’t give me what they do abroad. That’s why they are not accepting us. But watch it, if we do movies that is our own content, they accept it abroad because you can’t be whiter that the white.
“You cannot put someone that would be speaking with British accent that is not British, in a Nigerian movie and expect them to take the movie abroad.

It’s like you wanting to use an Igbo man to play a Yoruba character that he cannot play.
“Let’s promote our own culture too, look at the movies that are making waves right now, ‘Omugwo’, ‘Wedding Party’, ‘Wives On Strike’, ‘Okafor’s Law’, my movie is coming, ‘Alakada’ it’s a Nigerian story. Let’s write stories about us.
“Then we don’t have to be forming accent, what’s that? This is me, this is the way I talk, if you want to accept me, accept me for who I am,”
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