Nissan Autos has adopted an old school technology to ensure drivers are focused while driving on highways.
Nissan earlier this week announced they will be using Faraday Cage to ensure drivers are not distracted while behind the wheels.
Image credit: The Verge.
Nissan named it the Nissan Device Shield. Device shield will be placed between the two front seats. 
The Nissan shield is embedded with the Faraday Cage.
Created in 1838, Faraday Cages block electric fields. If your phone is inside one, it can’t connect to cellular signals, data, WiFi or Bluetooth.
Thus the Nissan Device shield will ensure that your phone is on silent while you are driving.
Dominic Vizor, a spokesman for Nissan, told CNNTech that the concept is better than just turning off your phone, because you can still listen to music through a plugged in USB or auxiliary connection while your phone is in the compartment.
Further, drivers can make phone calls via Bluetooth without touching their phones if they just open the compartment.
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