Some of the auto crashes we experience on highways today are because the driver(s) was careless while drifting off the road. Some drivers have been crushed to death while attempting to drift off the expressway. Below is a safer way to exit an expressway;
Image credit: Al Jazirah.
1. Pay attention in advance to signs that show the direction of your destination and the exit, and change lanes at least 1km ahead of your planned exit. This will enable a safer driving for not just you but also other road users. Changing lane as early as 1km ahead will save you from being rammed into while trying to make a turn into the road you are heading to.
2. When approaching the exit, reduce your speed checking the speedometer, instead of relying on your senses, and lightly press the brake pedal several times to gradually slow down. This allows speeding vehicles overtake you and head to their destination. If you make a turn at a high speed you don’t just risk being rammed into by other road users but also risk loosing control of the car.
3. Once you enter a general road, carefully adjust your speed. Carefully adjusting your speed simply means gradually accelerating with respect to the road signs guiding the road.
Lastly, do not enter the new road and cut across traffic to go the other lanes, gradually merge with traffic till it’s safe to move over to other lanes.
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