Toyota LandCruiser has been declared the fastest SUV in the world after it was proven to have more speed capacity than other vehicles.
Image credit: Daily Mail.
The modified LandCruiser emerged the fastest sport utility vehicle with a blistering run hitting a 230.02-mile or 370km per hour mark.
Dailymail reports that the 2000 horsepower version of Land Cruiser was driven by former Toyota Nascar driver, Carl Edwards.
Carl Edward beat the previous record by more than 30km/h, reaching a GPS-verified and video-documented 230.02 mph (370.18km/h) before running out of usable pavement at Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California in the United States.
Some of the modifications made on the SUV included beefing up the piston and con-rods, a custom-intake manifold, the transmission and gearbox from a racing car, and suspension, already lower than standard, that’s 15mm narrower so that ultra-wide Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres could be fitted.
While Toyota Land Cruiser is holding the title of the fastest modified SUV, Bentley still holds the record for the fastest unmodified production SUV, having reached 187mph on a test track
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