Recently, there have been more accidents on highways than we could never imagine. You might wonder why the frequent accidents on the roads? 
Is it due to driver’s carelessness or what? 
Below are the four ways you can avoid an auto crash while driving…

1. Read the road ahead
Reading the road ahead is simply concentrating and forcasting while behind the wheels. This will will enable you observe road signs, avoid pot holes and even reckless drivers on time.

2. Drive to the right

Yes, driving to the right ensures you do not drift to another lane while you are driving. This also makes it easier for you to dodge a reckless driver overtaking wrongly.

3. Reduce your speed immediately
Over speeding has caused more crashes than any other factor in Nigeria today. If you drive within the recommended speed it reduces your chances of crashing. Reducing your speed is one of the most important ways of avoiding an auto crash.

4. Drive with Clear Eyes
It is expected of every driver not to drink alcohol if he is going to drive. This makes it possible for the driver to drive with his clear senses and avoid crashing into a ditch or an incoming vehicle.
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