German auto industry giant, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, popularly known as BMW has won license to export from China.
Confirming the report, Olaf Kastner, head of BMW in China, said China granted Joint Ventures license to export cars out of China.

He said; “We have an export license for the JV but so far we haven’t decided on exports since we need the production for the local market.”
According to reports, BMW was granted a license by Chinese authorities to export vehicles manufactured by its local joint venture BMW after ten hours of deliberation.
The German giant has been expanding production in China following the manufacturing of over 300,000 cars in 2016.
China has not been exporting cars to Europe and America because the cars manufactured in China are presumed not to meet the standard to be driven in America and Europe.
However, BMW have manufactured cars fit to be exported in China
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