After the ‘diesel-gate’ scandal that hit German auto maker Volkswagen, the auto maker has adopted a new strategy to take over the auto market.
Volkswagen Arteon. 
Volkswagen known for manufacturing salon cars with sport utility vehicle and hatch back introduced the Volkswagen Arteon which apppears to be a major competitor for BMW’s 4-Series Gran Coupe or Mercedes-Benz’s CLS coupe but at lower prices.
Arteon being sold at a cheaper price will serve as substitute for BMW’s 4-Series Gran Coupe or Mercedes-Benz’s CLS coupe.
The four-door Arteon will go on sale in German showrooms next month starting at 34,800 Euros ($39,111).
Volkswagen needs higher margin model to enable them fund its electric and autonomous car projects thus the introduction of Arteon seems like a smart move to the auto industry.
The Arteon, features adaptive cruise control and enhanced emergency braking and steering functions
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