Some drivers just enter their car start the engine and head to their destinations without proper routine checks. 
A while ago naijacarlovers wrote on the daily routine checks expected of every driver. Today we will center our article on brake and clutches. 
Image credit: Brakes And Edge.
As a driver there are certain checks expected of you with respect to your brake and clutch. Below are some of them.

Check the hydraulic level

Checking the hydraulic level of your car engine is very important. This is because most manual cars rely on hydraulic fluid for the brake and the clutch to work effectively. So to ensure a smooth running of your brake and clutch check to know when to either top or replace the hydraulic fluid.

Check effectiveness of the brakes

Before leaving for the days trip with your car simultaneously apply the brake of your car to ascertain if it’s working perfectly. Start the vehicle, drive off a little and step on the brake pedal to test the effectiveness. Also check the tightness and effectiveness of the brakes and clutches This will not just save you from more damages but will save your life. Call for a mechanic if you experience any malfunction in the brake.
Finally change all the gears, one at a time, while pressing the clutch pedal to check if there is any possible fault with the clutch or gear.
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