Just a couple of weeks after Spain’s Taxi drivers protested against Uber, Polish Taxi drivers have kicked off their own protest against Uber.

According to reports, Polish taxi drivers said Uber’s taxi app holds an unfair competition for the local taxi drivers adding that Uber drivers can dodge the rules and restrictions that regulate professionals.
The taxi drivers blocked the city centre and major thoroughfares, blaring horns and flying the country’s national flag through 10km of the area.
Organisers said that around 2,000 drivers took part in Warsaw and hundreds joined in several other cities across the country. Uber began operating in Poland in 2014.
They also demanded the Polish government address the flaunting of rules by Uber drivers and address other issues in the transport sector.
“We want the government to respond to the illegal activities of some in the transport sector,” said Jaroslaw Iglikowski, a representative of the Warsaw taxi union.
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