Leading auto maker in terms of sales Toyota has revealed its plans to get its flying car ready to be driven in 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

According to reports, the idea of a flying car is to be able to smoothly transit from driving to flying, in order to deliver the Olympic torch for its last leg to officially open the games.
Next steps for the flying car project include refining the design using the new money invested by Toyota, and hoping to fly with a pilot on board sometime in 2019, ahead of the intended launch of a fully functional vehicle in time for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic games.
This early prototype of the car is basically structural scaffolding, batteries and rotors, but it does manage to get about head height before ungracefully returning to earth.
Toyota is working with Cartivator Resource Management to ensure that the dream of flying car is achieved by 2020.
Reports have it that Toyota has been exploring the luxury hatch as part if its transport option under the Lexus brand.
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