Vintage Volkswagen Camper have been valued at £90,000 and is reported to be sold in Britain.
According to report, the 1967 vintage bus from Volkswagen broke British record and will be sold the same price as a brand new Aston Martins sports car and twice the price of a new Volkswagen Transporter van.
The camper van has such an eye-watering price tag due to a recent extensive restoration, with a new engine, gear box, set of wheels and a fresh paint job.
The van was said to be imported into Britain about ten years ago from United States by British Restorer in a sorry state.
However, following the revamping of the left hand drive van, the value of the van have sky rocketed.
Even with an upgraded 2,030cc engine the motor only provides a lowly 100hp, but the interior have been upgraded to have  a fridge and electric hob, a sound system with speakers under the seats, internet connection, a drop down DVD player and plug sockets.

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