Japanese Car giant Honda has revealed it will perfect its fully autonomous car project by the year 2025.
According to a statement by the company, by 2020 Honda will install its autonomous freeway drive system in its vehicles and that within five years they must have developed a fully autonomous car that will operate without human assistance.
Speaking on the nature of the self driving system, Honda said the autonomous car will rely on cameras, LiDAR and rader sensor to operate effectively.
Honda said the 2020 version of its autonomous cars will meet SAE standard of level three autonomous cars which the driver can initiate self driving but is ready to take control of the vehicle in some cases.
Honda said
“We will strive to achieve the technological establishment of Level 4 automated driving for personal car use by around 2025,” said Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo. “We are striving to provide our customers with a sense of confidence and trust by offering automated driving that will keep vehicles away from any dangerous situation and that will not make people around the vehicle feel unsafe.”

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