We are at the peak of rainy season. Rainy and cloudy weather most times result to poor vision which could cause a lot of mayhem for road users.
It is of utmost important for naijacarlovers to put our readers and motorists through on how to safely drive during the rain to ensure a safer road usage.
1. Take your time
Bearing in mind that one of the most dangerous time to drive is soon as it starts raining will make you have a rethink about over speeding. Because the road is wet and slippery the best way to keep your car on the road is to drive at a slower pace rather than speeding to your destination.
2. Give other cars distance
Maintain a safe distance while driving during the rain. It is recommended you give a three seconds distance while driving but an additional two seconds while its raining will ensure a safe road usage when its raining.
3. Turn on your lights
It is recommended for a driver to to turn on his head lamps and rear light when it is raining even if its during the day. Since the weather is cloudy and blur because of the rain, turning on your lights will enable other cars to see you.
4. Avoid Distractions
A 1-2 seconds distraction could cost you your life while driving. While driving make sure you concentrate on driving and avoid activities like answering of calls, texting or attending to any of your passengers

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