Popular American actor cum singer Jamie Foxx has unveiled his gold coated Bugatti Veyron worth millions of dollar.
The actor unveiled his new ride on Instagram saying
“I was feeling solid gold today when I drove in for work… #bugatti can’t wait for u guys to see the show #beatshazam people won life changing fortunes. And the back stories of the contestants will melt yo heart #foxxonfox may 25th on fox as part owner and executive producer it’s exciting to see it come together. Thanks to mark Burnett (survivor the voice etc) and Jeff Apploff the great!”
Foxx’s gold coated car was initially a black and blue Bugatti Veyron valued at $1.5 million to $2 million.
Foxx’s next project, “Baby Driver,” is a heist movie about a getaway car driver who always drives souped-up Subaru with the music in his headphones cranked up. Over 150 cars were purchased, and many destroyed, for the making of the film.

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