Driving at night is very risky especially when you have drivers of heavy duty vehicles and public transport drivers dazzling high beam of light on incoming vehicles.
You might have in some cases feel like doing the same on incoming vehicles or wonder how you can handle such situation. Naijacarlovers will put you through today on how to handle drivers with high beam of light.
• Do not do the same
You.might be tempted to increase your light beam while driving for a clearer vision. However, increasing your beam light will have the same effect theirs has on you which is poor vision, endangering you or the incoming vehicle and could possibly cause an auto crash.
• Avoid looking directly at the bright lights
Keep your eye on the right side of the road and look quickly ahead intermittently to determine the other vehicle’s position, continue until you have passed the incoming vehicle
• Stay close to the right side of the road
It is advisable for you to drive close to the right side of the road as you can barely see the distance and the position of the incoming vehicle. Staying close to the right will help you avoid colliding or crashing into the  incoming vehicle

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