Russian search engine giant Yandex has unveiled its self driving taxi to rival Uber.
According to report, Yandex, which already operates a rideshare scheme to rival Uber in Moscow, has released footage of its first demonstration of driverless technology.
The video footage showed the self driving car winding obstacles ranging from unexpected pedestrians and reversing lorry.
The video further showed a Toyota Prius with no driver picking up passengers and driving through the mapped out routes into a narrow road presumed to be a street to drop the passengers off.
In a statement on the company’s blog, Dmitry Polishchuk, head of the project, said:
“Self-driving cars are set to revolutionise the way we commute within a matter of a decade.
“At this point in time, there are dozens of companies around the world building their own driverless cars, but only a few of them have components crucial for turning this project into reality.  
“These components include a stack of reliable technologies and algorithms, engineering expertise and resources, and access to the market for self-driving vehicles. 
“In a video released yesterday a modified Toyota Prius, with no driver behind the wheel, can be seen picking up a passenger before winding its way through narrow streets to drop them off a their destination (pictured)
“Yandex.Taxi, with the backing of Yandex, is one of the few players who can boast of possessing all of the above.”

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