Munich, Germany is considering banning vehicles powered by diesel to enable them tackle pollution.
The ban is inline with the “shocking” nitrogen oxides emissions in the Bavarian capital, its mayor told a newspaper on Wednesday.
According to Munich mayor Dieter Reiter, he didn’t state when the ban might be taken into action said he doubt’s if the ban is inevitable.
“As much as I would welcome avoiding such bans, I think it is just as unlikely that we can continue to do without bans in the future,” Munich mayor Dieter Reiter was quoted as saying by Sueddeutsche Zeitung on Wednesday.
He added that the reading of nitrogen oxide in cities is alarming and that 133,000 and 170,000 vehicles could be affected by a ban in Munich, depending on how strict it will be,
The city of Stuttgart, home of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, is preparing to keep the city free of some vehicles from next year
Diesel powered engine have been emits nitrogen oxide which is proven to be dangerous to the body

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