Having a flat tyre could be devastating especially if you are in a hurry or traveling on the highway. If you ve experienced such scenerio you might wonder if there is any remedy or means to avoiding flat tyres?
The best way to deal with a flat tyre is to never have on in the first place.
Otherways to avoid flat tyre is
Proper tire size, type and load capacity (or load range)
When buying a tyre, buy a tyre that suites your vehicle specification not just in size and load capacity but also of great quality
Proper inflation pressure
When inflating your tyre make sure its properly guaged. Make sure it’s neither over inflated nor under inflated
Proper vehicle loading
When loading your vehicle avoid overloading especially when you are carrying goods.
Regular inspection
Inspect your tyres regular to.observe when it needs to be inflated or patched
Proper tire repair
In case of a faulty tyre ensure that your tyre is attended to by a professional and that proper repairs are made
Other tips include
Regular tire rotation
Vehicle condition, alignment  maintenance and
Good driving habits

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