In Nigeria today, there are series of Auto crash which is as a result of distraction on the part of drivers. Distracted drivers unknowingly put other motorist at risk. What are the major causes odlf distract driving?
Visual distraction
This is one of the major causes of distraction while driving. It entails not keeping your eye an the road, reading of direction on maps and phone distractions. To avoid visual distraction it is ideal you keep your eye on the road, pull over to read or map out direction and put your phone on silent.
Manual distraction
This includes operating your phone while driving, making adjustments or trying to get an object, eating etc
While driving, it is advisable you concentrate on driving, make all possible adjustments including putting on your seatbelt before driving off into the streets.
Cognitive distraction
This has to do with answering phone calls, not staying focused on the road due to emotional stress or trauma.

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