The Association of Motor Dealers of Nigeria has consented to an arrangement with the Nigeria Police Force for the utilization of the PoliceBCMR, an innovative methods for saving a vehicle owner’s biodata on a smart card.
At an official signing of the agreement with their expert, Media Concepts International Limited, in Lagos on Thursday, the groups said the move would help check the occurrence of vehicle theft in the country.
“What has been happening before now, two of our members in the area of buying cars or receiving cars without knowing they were stolen…. before you know it, our members are either chased out of the business or run out of town.,” said Ajibola Adedoyin, the association’s national president.
“That’s why we came up with this concept and decide to partner with the Nigeria Police so as to see how we can put a stop to it.
“And this will even reduce the amount of money and resources wasted on trying to get stolen vehicles. With this concept, I can tell you if we follow it well, it will be a thing of the past. At times a vehicle will be brought to you with original documents but it is stolen and if you decide to buy it and sell, you will be in trouble.”
The PoliceBCMR also makes it possible to have a centralized vehicle data base which will help the police in fighting crime.
Ayotunde Omodeinde, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, said the initiative was among the projects the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris,approved to combat car thefts in the country as well as protect innocent car dealers.
Babatope Agbeyo, the executive of Cornfield Group, said the agreement will aide car dealers who have been at the receiving end of car theft.
He said
“Because you can imagine, an armed robber stole a car and it ended with a car dealer,” he said.
“Meanwhile, the car dealer paid the armed robber for that car and he sells it to another person. When the police find out that that car is stolen, the car dealer will be made to pay back the money to the buyer, but they will not tell the armed robber to pay back the car dealer.
“I think this concept is a win-win situation, both for the buyer, the seller and the Nigerian Police Force, and that is why we feel this concept is what will bring to an end of what we call stolen vehicle in Nigeria, that is if we are all sincere to work together on this.”

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