Popular Nigerian singer Harrison Tare Okiri, popularly known as harrysong has revealed he is not married and doesn’t have a girlfriend.
The reggae blue crooner revealed this on Monday during a chat at Rubbing minds program in Channels TV when he was asked if he is married.
The singer who once said he regrets not getting married before his fathers demise said his fans know he is always sincere when it comes to relationship issues adding that she would trend the moment she says I do.
Harrysong said
“I am not in any relationship now. My female fans know I am truthful when it comes to this. If there is someone in my life right now, she would be trending from the first day she said I do. I am not married and I don’t have any woman right now.”
“Marriage is not just what you want to get into because it is time or that you are getting old or because people are looking at you to must have settled down. When I was in church, they taught us that it is the only institution you do not graduate from. You have to be ready. When you get married, children will start coming. You need to create the time. I will get there.”

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