There are thousands of vehicles plying a particular route on a daily basis and many have lost their life either out of their own carelessness or mistake of another motorist. Therefore its of utmost importance to take precautions before traveling, whether you are driving or boarding a public transport.
1. Avoid night journeys
Yes!!! Avoid night journey if you can. It is safer to travel during the day than at night. Traveling at night don’t just expose you to high risk of accident but also other dangerous scenes like armed robbery. You can hardly get help from any motorist should your vehicle develop any fault.
2. Plan your journey ahead
Planning your journey will help you prepare very well for the journey. It will enable you know when to leave for your journey, which route to take and how to travel.
3. Ensure that your vehicle is in good condition
If you are traveling with your vehicle, check your vehicle to ensure its sound for travel. Carryout a normal daily routine check on your vehicle. Check if your spare tyre is in good condition, check the radiator, oil and fuel your vehicle.
4. Ensure that the driver is healthy;
If you are the driver, ensure you are in a good health condition and avoid drinking if you will drive. If you are not the driver make sure the driver is sound both physically, mentally and otherwise, if not call for another driver.

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