Tesla’s driver Joshua Brown who died while testing Tesla’s autonomous car after it reportedly crashed in 2016.
According to recent reports, Mr Brown received series of visual and audio warnings to take control of the Model S car before it crashed.
Brown was said to have paid deaf ears to the warning and kept his hands off the wheel till it collided with an incoming truck.
Reuters report revealed Brown kept his hands on the wheel for only 25 seconds of an extended 37-minute period, in which the NTSB said he should’ve maintained control of the vehicle.
The report said the Autopilot mode on seven occasions told Brown that “Hands Required Not Detected.” but he paid deaf ear.
In six cases, the system then sounded a chime before it returned to “Hands Required Detected” for one to three second periods.
The May 7, 2016 crash drew widespread attention for being the first known fatal accident involving a vehicle operating on its own.

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