Last year i made a post about the bridge being built at Orile. Incase you missed it, this is the link…

Notice that this shot has the joints closer to each other.
Notice that this one has an amendment at the joint

The crux of the matter is that though i am not an engineer, i feel alarmed with what i noticed with the bridge.

I noticed that it is obvious some of the expansion joints for the bridge that will carry the trains running from Marina to Badagry seem to have joints that look suspiciously built. This is because these joints were precast and it seems like they were later discovered not to meet the required length so extra concrete was added at the edges to make up the correct length after the original cast had cured or dried.

Basic science tells me that once concrete has cured or dried, an additional mix of concrete at a joint that will bear heavy weight is not advisable. Unless these engineers and the supervising ministry have superior argument and proof to back this action, i feel the construction should be reviewed at this stage.

My fear grew worse when i also realized that the Eko Bridge section that was built long after the Orile section also has many of such similar spots.

I had also discussed my fears with an official of the ministry who told me if the engineers left it like that, that means it is good.

I urge you all to also check these things with me and advise as necessary.

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