Do you know that Ferrari does not sell her limited edtion cars to her employees but can sell only to their Formular 1 drivers.

In a recent interview with Enrico Galliera; Ferrari’s Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, he gave the reasons as being that since their limited edition cars are hugely demanded for yet, not enough, it makes no sense that they reject offers from prospective clients yet sell to their staff.

LaFerrari Aperta. Courtesy Carscoops

Enrico, alias Dr. NO, is the person who has the final say on who gets to buy their highly sought after limited edition models.

In his words according to Car Scoops; “We have much higher demand than the availability. So what we do is identify criteria that is rewarding good customers.” He added the company considers offering limited editions to be a “gift” to its best customers.

The executive says the hardest part of his job is saying no but it is one he has to do on a regular basis. As an example, Galliera said the company told 200 customers about the LaFerrari Aperta ahead of its reveal and asked if they would be interested in purchasing the car unseen. The response was overwhelming and every person said yes.

Galliera also revealed he receives applications from people who “do not deserve” a Ferrari even though they may occasionally be kings. He says these people are easy to reject if they’re not already Ferrari clients but it gets significantly harder when he has to say no to someone who is a “very good customer.”

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