Five Romanian thieves who can be dubbed the real ‘Vin Diesels’ have been arrested by Dutch Police after they stole iPhones worth $591,210 from a moving truck, scratch that, a speeding truck. Yup, you read right, a speeeeeeding truck.

Apparently this type of theft had been happening and probably left the police perplexed and wondering how such could have been happening, not knowing some people had been practicing Fast and Furious moves in real life.

According to Carsoops, “the thieves were driving a modified van and the suspects exited the vehicle through a hole in the roof. The van got extremely close to the truck, while the criminals climbed onto the hood and opened the truck’s rear doors. The thieves then passed the iPhones back to the van.

The bizarre nature of the crime was so surprising that it even caught police off guard. As police spokesman Ed Kraszewski explained, they have been investigating thefts from trucks for awhile but they were skeptical that such daring heists were actually occurring”.

The thieves have been arrested over the weekend and are scheduled to face a judge immediately.

In a similar case, police succeeded in recording an attempted similar robbery in progress while the truck was speeding down the highway oblivious to the highspeed drama unfolding at its cargo section.

From the video, the robbers could be seen opening the door and closing it back without taking anything. Did they have a change of mind or was that one a practice run?

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